Create student Grants for Summer Learning

Gujaratis are known to be entrepreneurs and government wants to promote entrepreneurship in the state. Entrepreneurship education needs to start at early age. Kids have summer vacation and most parents either send them to some summer camp to have them participate in activities like tennis, karate, skating, etc. This is very much needed for sure as this helps kids freshen up from stress of studies and get them fresh for next year.

With news out there that Standard 10th Board Exams are going to be removed - in few years from now kids will have lower stress. They will only have to then worry about Standard 12th Board.  What this means that kids can be groomed to be entrepreneurs and with less exams burden, they will welcome this.

How do you drive students towards this? I would say we need a "Summer Learning Grant" from state government. Top 25% of students of every  class should qualify for grant. If they meet grant eligibility requirements, they should receive some 'X' amount per month of Summer Learning besides a certificate of participation provided they have over 80% attendance.

The selected students will have to choose on First Come First Serve a company where they can go and do some real life work during summer.

This program has to be tightly managed by volunteers and professionals.  Special Grants has to be given to Schools also who will participate in such programs.

I believe such programs will help Child's development as a whole as they will get real life experience working in business environment.


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