Temple Economy is Black Money Haven in India

Forget Swiss Bank numbers, here is a  Scam that is happening right in front of your eyes and you are voluntarily participating in it. Why? Because you are superstitious!

Does God Exist?

What does He/She look like?

Where does God stay?

Is Ram  God?

Is Jesus God?

Is Bhagwan Swaminarayan God?

Is Shri Krishna God?

Is Mahatma Gandhi God?

Is Mother Teresa God?

Is Bill Gates God?

Is Mayawati who is using taxpayers money to build her statues a God?

Is Narendra Modi who is using taxpayers money for his personal branding a God?

Is the Doctor performing your surgery a God?

God is an inner trust/belief in mysterious being that is unknown to all/uness by all. Who is God? How many Gods exists?  Is my God better than yours? If so, is my Lifestyle better than yours? If  God in America was great, why is China better economy than America? Why is God not taking care of economy and people’s lifestyles? Why is Japanese God been so cruel to them?

We try to find answers of our problems in God. – “some unknown”

Hindus worship 36 Crore Gods.  Let me state that again Hindus worship 36 crore Gods.

This is a business channel – so let us understand business behind God – “The God Economy”

Let us assume for sake of mathematics that there are 5000 Big God Brands in India and each God having on average 100 temples.   That will be 5,00,000 temples.

Each Temple on average gets  500 footfalls per day on average and on average person donates Rs. 1/day to temple (i.e Rs. 300/yr per family member)

Every Temple gets Rs. 1 * 500(footfalls) = Rs. 500 daily min i.e Rs. 15,000 per month. The Big temples get big donations.  Priest will just get Rs. 5000 of this. So Rs. 10,000 goes to temple management. (These are hypothetical numbers for sake of discussion).  Each temple has revenue of Rs. 1.8 Lakhs annually from above numbers. Let us take it as Rs 2 Lakhs for our calculation purpose.

 When you extrapolate it to 5,00,000 temples you get a number  like Rs. 1,00,00,00,00,000 (i.e Rs. 10,000 crores).  Mind well this number is just too small. Real number is way more.. maybe govt or some journalist should do research and publish this.

But Rs. 10,000 Crores put in temples for what? Does God want money? Who is the beneficiary?

Temple economy is a business now. Lot of Ministers, Business people have Trusts which run Schools, Hospitals, Temples.  They put their black money in creating these assets under trusts and uneducated people are so much superstitious that they will put their hard earned money in temples.

Service to Mankind is Service to God. So why don’t one directly help people? Stop all funding to temples, put this money back in economy, build incubation centers, give grants so people can invent, show people what it means to invest in nation building rather than invest(donate) in temples which indirectly gets into pockets of other crooks.

If God really existed, there are millions of lawsuits in India where people take oath on “Holy Gita” and still say blatant lie. God should give a painful death to all these Liars – isn’t it?  They don’t fear God and live like king and you fear God and you end up suffering.

If Doctor was a God, why would you have same surgery be peformed again and again? Why would there be a racket of referrals? Why would you still pay for his price even if the patient succumbs in Hospital?

If God lives in temples, why do we have Pooja Rooms in our homes. We do not leave money in our Pooja rooms after every prayer but why do we leave Money when we go to temples? Why do we bid for "Arti Uchramni" to show off our financial strength that we can pay more than the next guy to put our stamp on God for that particular day? Can you/me own something that does not exist?

So what is your say on Temple economy in India?

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What should Indian government do on black money in temple economy?


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Temple creates "Sanskar" to individual. Without temple, society will be full of cruel people. Temples are necessary to give good sanskruti / sanskar and good hearted people in keep the coming generation . Rajiv

Bhalani bhondu baba mat ban .aankhe khol.tumare sanskar hi tumhe mentle gulam bana rahi hai.aankhe khol.

Bhalani bhondu baba mat ban .aankhe khol.tumare sanskar hi tumhe mentle gulam bana rahi hai.aankhe khol.

Yes, i agreed with you ........Many temples in India are more than swiss banks...and no one demanding for this hidden mony ......i wrote on the subject in my blog ......www.bandhurst.blogspot.com ...........Congress, BJP and many of other parties ......NGOs .......so called social workers like Medha Pathakar, Kiran Bedi .......Anna Hajare ...etc......did not want to demand this mony ....Why ? No one collectivelly oppose government for price hike of petrol ........why ? ...keep it up.......

u r absolutely right..............i am fully agreed....

i share the same views......economy in the name of sanskruti. have seen people rush to temples to get so-called sanskruti when their children or in-laws at home r kept hungry. these gurus just play games with people's mentality describing human nature. everybody has god in him/her, to find it out somewhere else is a sin

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