Is Made in Gujarat brand a need of time?

As Gujarat continues to excel as economy powerhouse, we need to create a logo of our Made in Gujarat brand and promote it. Years ago, we saw an huge outflow of students from Gujarat to other states for higher education. As a result of this, our money started flowing to other states and helping their economy. Gujarat State government realized this - and in last few years we have got many new higher educational institutions come up in various regions of Gujarat.

We need to take this further. Why can't we create a "Made in Gujarat" brand label with logo and get all Gujarat registered companies on board - to use this in labels and in their marketing materials?. If done right, in few years from now, this will create a major impact on our state's economy as Gujarati community in India and outside will not only start buying Gujarat State products with pride but this will also help in promoting Brand Gujarat as a state that always is several notches up in business processes, practices and entrepreneurship environment compared to other states.

Gujarati community is known for its entrepreneurial spirits and Made in Gujarat brand and a common directory which is funded, managed and promoted by Gujarat Government is the need of today.

I had a chance to speak with Chirag Patel who was a faculty at Nirma and currently is in Canada. Chirag echoed the same Gujarati sentiment and stated that "If I would see something like Made in Gujarat on any brand in an Indian store here in Canada, and that too with clear eye catching visibility, I will be more inclined to buy it. I know it will help Gujarat state economy".

Nilaykumar  Parikh works as procurement manager in Supernova Genset Limited Ahmedabad. He did not come across any such directory that could be used by procurement people to do sourcing of their needs from only Gujarati owned small businesses. "Such a directory would certainly be helpful to me and government should attempt to make one" - said Nilay Parikh.

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What is the main reason we do not have "Made in Gujarat" branding?

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