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drupal-admin    31/01/2011
Podcast category: Government Policy

This is not specific to Gujarat but a central government policy which has created a ruckus and is majorly responsible for major scandals in India.Is caste reservation system fueling corruption in india?

What was the intention of government when they put reservation system in place?
 - Social Equality to remove imbalance between rich and poor
 - Give employment opportunities to people on scheduled caste
 - Motivation for rural people and backward class people to get good jobs and compete with others

What is the end result of reservation system?
  - Stories of doctors leaving surgical equipment in patient bodies
  - Policemen on roadside catching people, pocketing money without receipts
  - Ministers and Govt babus taking bribes across India
  - Judicial System paralyzed
  - Bounced cheques and ever growing scams
  - The list can go into thousands...
The root cause in majority of these is scheduled caste/schedule caste resource who got in the system because of reservation and has broken all rules for personal gains. He didn't study hard, he didn't have to compete like others to get a key position. Since he/she got in with poor academics and had never got right education, he has started creating a mess in the system..

What is the solution?

- Stop the reservation system immediately and replace it with free skill development.
- Give free education
- Give free books
- Give free food
DO NOT RESERVE POSITIONS FOR THEM. LET THEM COMPETE WITH OTHERS. Poll Question:What is the next best option to caste reservation system in India?